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Queen Sheba Route Tour Ethiopia>Ethiopia holiday package>18days

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Description: The North of Ethiopia is one of the most remarkable areas in the country for history and art. It offers testimony of the glorious past of the first Christian African country and its powerful Empire, which dates back thousands of years. Its amazing monuments, its precious treasures, its wonderful frescos, through the boundless landscapes crossed by both, rivers and deep gorges, will lead the tourist through a very special experience.

Must see Axum: the origin of Ethiopia and Christianity with full of palaces, obelisks and fortresses. Lalibela: eleven monolithic rock-hewn churches carved form a solid rock with a very artistic over 800 years ago; their beauty and artistic and architectural accomplishment make them “the eighth wonder of the world”. Bahir Dar: Blue Nile’s majestic waterfalls and Tana Lake which has 37 islands hosting ancient Coptic monasteries rich in wonderful frescos. Gondar: Royal castles, memories of an imperial era, and churches with magnificent wall paintings.

Day 1. Arrive Addis Ababa airport and transfer to hotel.

Day 2. City Tour of Addis Ababa literary means New Flower and it is undisputed Diplomatic Capital city of Africa. Headquarters of the African Union (AU) and the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA)are located in Addis. The journey starts with a tour of the capital city visit the National Museum were the site of Lucy 3.5 million years old the Cradle of Mankind and visit St. Georgies Church, Merkato (the largest open air market of Africans) and then drive to Mt. Entoto to admire the stupendous view over the city with its surrounding plains and volcanic cones, Mt. Zuquala to the south and the Blue Nile gorge to the north. Late afternoon return to hotel.

Day 3. Full day drive to the north for Queen Sheba route through Dejen along the way distance view of Debre Libanos monastery, the Portuguese bridge and the Blue Nile River, Bahir Dar O/n hotel.

Day 4. Bahir Dar - excursion on Lake Tana visiting the ancient island monasteries of Ura Kidane Mehret, Mehal Zeghe Georgis back to hotel after late lunch drive to Blue Nile falls visit of the thundering Tiss-Issat Falls to get to the water fall it is 35km one way from Bahar Dar and after taking in the ‘‘smoke of the Nile” from the usual vantage points we will then take a beautiful one hour walk, via the base of the fall of the Blue Nile River, locally known as Tis Issat – “Smoke of Fire”.

The Blue Nile Falls offer a spectacular view of the falls cascading down 45 meters (150 feet), across a stretch of Wide River. An intense stream of vapor - almost a fog - surrounds the waterfall and anyone within a Kilometer distance can feel the impact of the moisture. Over night hotel.

Day 5. After breakfast drive to Gonder former capital of Ethiopia. Sightseeing visit of King Fasiledes Roya Palaces, King Fasiledes the open-air Bath, and Debre Berhan Selassie church with its 10th century impressive paintings. Over night hotel.

Day 6. After breakfast, drive to Semen Mountain the magnificent high roof of Africa Semien mountains national park drive to Chenek, trekking from Chenek to Buait to see the endemic popular animals like Chlada Baboon, Walia Ibex, Red Fox and birds over night Semen Lodge.

Day 7. Full day drive to Axum and transfer to your hotel for over night – Yeha/ Romhay/ Soloda Hotel.

Day 8. After breakfast visit to the legendary stelae. Axum is the historical and religious heart of Ethiopia and once was the capital city of the long-standing Aksumite Kingdom. The holy city of Ethiopia dating to 3000 years Back and the cradle of Ethiopian Civilization with the Aksumite Kingdom. The ruins still visible in Axum stand as a testimony to an exceptionally high level of civilization, notably the stone monoliths that are dotted throughout the city and are among the most mysterious monuments in the world. The largest monolith in the world, which weighs 500 tons and is 33 meters long, is still on site.

Very recently one of the stelaes, which was stolen by Mussolini of Italy in the 1930s, was returned to Axum. You will visit Axum’s Church of St. Mary of Zion where the original Ark of the Covenant is said to be housed, and which was brought to Ethiopia by Menelik First, son of the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon, on his return trip from Jerusalem, the obelisks park, the Museum having remarkable antiquities of the ancient Axumite kingdom, many Crowns of ancient Kings of Ethiopia, Tomb of King Bazen, The ruin of Queen Sheba Palace, Maishum /Bath of Queen of Sheba/ and Over night Hotel.

Day 9, After morning breakfast drive to Geralta lodgge pass through the great scenic view Chain Mountains of Adwa where the famous battle filed with the Italians and visit 3 B.C. ruins of Yeha temple, which is the oldest in Africa and visit Abna Hafsa Church which is one of the oldest church and visit 7th century Debre Damo Monastery that is on top of the mountain climbing by the help of rope & only visit by men.You can visit the church’s murals and Hermits spiritual living system and over night at Geralta Lodge.

Day 10. Drive to Mekelle en-route visit Abreha Wa Atsbeha rock hewn chrches, Wekro Cherkos church and Negasi Mosque and over night Mekelle hotel.

Day 11. Full day drive to Lalibela and over night hotel.

Day 12, After breakfast visit Lalibela (The Eighth Wonder of the World) visit the famous rock-hewn churches which is described the “New Jerusalem”. The then-renowned King Lalibela with his tenants excavated the astonishing eleven rock-hewn churches from the pink granite bedrock of Roha Mountain in the 12th century.

The churches are divided into two groups characterizing the location of River Jordan and are interconnected by underground tunnels. Now Lalibela is classified as the eighth wonder of the world and protected by UNESCO. It is considered a holy shrine city by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church followers and the rock-hewn churches are still places of active worship. Over night hotel.

Day 13. Drive back from Lalibela passing through Woldia and over night Combolcha.

Day 14. Drive back to Addis Ababa and over night Hotel.

Day 15, Early morning drive to Awash National park through Debre Zeit, Nazareth and Metehara along the famous Great Rift Valley; visit Awash river falls, the river gorge and the Awash national park for different wildlife’s. Over night Hotel or Camping.

Day 16. Drive to Harar through the eastern highlands and on the way visit famous St. Gabriele church. Reach Harar and visit the overview of the walled city of Harar and evening visit the hyena man who feed hyena with his mouth. Over night Hotel.

Day 17. After breakfast visit the typical Adere people houses, the markets places, Mosques, the French poet Rimbaud's old house, the basket production, Harari people culture and very nice vegetation Overnight hotel in Harar.

Day 18. Drive back to Addis Ababa and take part in the Fair well dinner party in a typical local restaurant with traditional songs and dancing arranged by Empire Tour Ethiopia and departure.
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