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Ethiopia Muslim Pilgrimage

Muslim Pilgrimage
The muslims in Ethiopia have their own distinctive characteristics. There are Muslim shrines and even a Muslim 'monastery' that have quite a number of aged manuscripts that give the history of Islam in Ethiopia. These are interesting subjects for ecclesiastical students.

The three most widely known Muslim shrines are -

Nagash Mosque: This Mosque, near Mekelle, is Ethiopia's earliest and most holy Muslim center.

Sheik Hussein: This comprises a large complex of mosques, shrines, and tombs surrounded by a stout wall.
There are also a number of man-made caves and artificial ponds in the area.
The pilgrims take holy white chalk from the caves upon their return.

Sof Omar: This is an important Islamic shrine named after the saintly Sheikh Sof Omar, who took refuge in the caves many centuries ago.
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