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Ethiopia Christian Pilgrimage

Christian Pilgrimage
The followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and those that want to participate in or observe its rituals may undertake pilgrimage tours to the various monasteries and shrines throughout the country.

You may visit typical monasteries any time of the year, but you get the most out of your visit if you try to coincide your visiting days with the annual celebration of a particular church or monastery.
Following are some of the most respected shrines that attract follwers from near and far during their annual 'coronation' dates:

Axum Tsion : is considered to be the holiest of all the holy places in Ethiopia. This 4th century holy city is the sanctuary for the Arc of the Covenant.

Debre Damo Monastery: This monastery was established by Abune Aregawi (one of the nine Saints) of the 6th century.

Lalibela: These remarkably excavated rock-hewn churches are some of the most revered ones in the country.

Gishen Mariam Church: The Curch is built in a marvelous (table land) landscape.
A fragment from the original True Cross is burried underneath this church, and as the result, this shrine is one of the most sacred churches in the country.

Island Monasteries: Some 20 monasteries are scattered over Lake Tana have historical iumportance as well as religious.

Kullubi Gabriel: Feast of St. Gabriel on 28th December

The church is located about 70 km before Dire Dawa.
Pilgrims come from all over the country and some from abroad to participate in this celebration.

Debre Libanos Monastery: is located 105 km from Addis on the Addis-Bahirdar road and was founded by the famous monk, Abune Teklehaymanot in the 13th century.

Ziquala Abo: is located near the town of Bishoftu (Debre Zeit). The Church and monastery is built on the hilltop of Zuquala Mountain near by the crator lake, known as a Holy lake.

Adadi Mariam rock church: :This church was built by King Lalibela in the 13th century, and is located west of Addis Ababa.
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