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Academic and Ecclesiastical Studies

All historical, cultural and natural tourism attractions do also have significant appeal for those scholars that would like to increase knowledge in their particular subjects.
These may either study the above attractions in more details or conduct educational trips.

Ethiopian Orthodox Church
As the only religious body that transitioned from Judaism to Christianity, the EOC has a lot to offer in the fields of religious studies.

The EOC invented the Geez scripts and the Geez language, as well as its own system of religious music.
Languages such as Amahric, Tigrigna, Harari were derived from the Geez language.

The EOC played very significant roles in the cultural, religious, and political lives of Ethiopians

Cultural Studies

Ethiopia is an ancient country, with traditions centuries old.

It has over 83 ethnic groups, who have lived side by side in harmony despite their differences.

This 'art' of coexistance is the direct product of the norms and community values of the various cultural entities.

Cultural practices such as the Gada System - a cultural power distribution of the Oromo People - and other similar cultural heritages, have a lot to offer for the modern time and are thus worthy subjects to be studied.

Botanical Studies

Most of our National Parks and natural forests such as the Menagesha Forest, west of Addis on the Addis-Welega road, hold quite a number of indigenous plants.

Botanists that would like to classify plants for publications and those that study the medicinal properties of plants may find such vast habitats quite attractive.

The huge bio-diversity of the Ethiopian highlands, moorlands and natural forests need to be further explored.
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