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State: short luxury vacations zanzibar

Zanzibar Bush tour>full day>zanzibar holidays

cultural tour zanzibar>vacations zanzibar>cultural holiday zanzibar>zanzibar culture vacations>discover zanzibar culture>vacation packages zanzibar BUSH TOUR – ( SWAHILI CULTURE) (FULL DAY) Coconut Palms, Thatching, Baskets, Weaving, pottery, Grinding Millets, rice, Coconut Rope Making, Coconut Palm Climbing, Local Cuisine Cooking, Zanzibar Aroma and Incense, Construction of local Homes, Bread Making, Spices, Banana Plantations, Seasonal Fruits, Local Koran Schools, Local Traditional Music ...

Telephone+256.392.897.704, +44.790.863.9450

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