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Natural Tourist Attractions South Sudan

Nimule National Park South Sudan

  • nature walks in the Park south sudan
  • boat cruises along the Nile River south sudan
  • mountain climbing south sudan
  • bird watching south sudan
  • sport fishing on the Nile River banks in south sudan
  • historical sites in south sudan

Bandiglio National Park

    • game drives in the vast Park
    • bird watching in south sudan
    • nature walks on animal tracks and wild environs in south sudan
    • visits to cultural villages and homesteads in south sudan
      • game drives in the park
      • birding in south sudan
      • Cultural village visits in south sudan
      • nature walks in south sudan

Boma National Park

Jonglei Sudd Region Wetlands

  • bird watching in south sudan
  • sport fishing in south sudan
  • sightseeing cruise and aerial flights
  • research works

Historical And Cultural Sites

  • Gondokoro Island – slave trade centre
  • Imatong Mountains- sightseeing, scientific research, birding, nature walks, picnicking, historical sites
  • Liyu Hot Water Springs – cultural sites, sightseeing, camping
  • The mausoleum of the Late Dr. John Garang De Mabior (
  • Lafon Cultural Heritage site
  • Chimpanzee Sanctuary – wildlife viewing, chimp tracking & habituation, research
  • Lobojo Hot Water Springs
  • King George House - Monument/historical site
  • Okire Mountain – Mountain climbing, sightseeing
  • Illeu Mountains – sightseeing, mountain climbing


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7 days Boma National Park Tour>Southern Sudan Tours

southern sudan tours>vacations south sudan,, , ,

south sudan tours>boma national park safaris>vacations to boma south sudan>southern sudan holiday packages>tours to boma south sudan. Day 1: bring you to the Bedouin Lodge for the night.> *Meet and greet at JUBA Airport and transfer to the hotel *Dinner at the lodge *Overnight at the Bedouin Lodge ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Day 2: *Breakfast at the lodge *Drive to KAPOETA *Lunch on the way to KAPOETA *Dinner ...

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Dinka Village Safari 6 DAYS>South Sudan Cultural Tours

south sudan cultural tours, , ,

Dinka Village Safari 6 DAY Day 1 Arrive Juba Intl Airport 0920. Pick up and transport to Hotel on River Nile bank. Lunch. Traditional Dinka Wrestling match. dinner. Day 2 After Breakfast drive to Bor, 4 hours to the north to a tented safari we will set up outside Bor as base to visit villages. The villages change location from year to year depending on pasture and water. Lunch. Visit villages. Dinner Day 3 After Breakfast take river trip into the Sudd to visit Dinka people living in the ...

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Dinka Village Safari 5 DAYS>South Sudan Safari Tours

dinka culture south sudan tours, , ,

Dinka Village Safari 5 DAY south sudan culture tours>vacations in south sudan, safaris south sudan>dink culture south sudan>tours to dinka peoples south sudan. Day 1 Arrive Juba Intl Airport 0920. Pick up and transport to Hotel on River Nile bank. Lunch. Traditional Dinka Wrestling match. dinner. Day 2 After Breakfast drive to Bor, 4 hours to the north to a tented safari we will set up outside Bor as base to visit villages. The villages change location from year to year depending on past ...

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Drive in Tour>fly out Package Holiday South Sudan>11days

luxury tours south sudan>fly in tour boma sudan, , ,

private safari Boma south sudan>fly package vacations to Boma national park>luxury safari tour south sudan>tour south sudan by air tour>package vacations south sudan boma national park>migration tours boma south sudan. Day 1 Arrive in Juba, pickup at the airport taken to a hotel with air conditioned rooms. Days 2 & 3 Drive to Boma National Park (stop at Kapoeta for the night) passing through tribal villages adhereing to traditional dress, houses and customs (great photo opportunities). O ...

Telephone+256.392.897.704, +44.208.765.1058
South Sudan Migration Safari Boma>11days>Private Safari Boma

south sudan safaris>private safari boma>migration tours to boma national park>cheap safari tours south sudan migration A South Sudan ground transfer safari (no aircraft)would cost Euro 3400 per person. detailed itinerary below: Nov 1 Arrive in Juba, pickup at the airport taken to the Bedouin Inn. Nov 2 & 3 Drive to Boma National Park (stop at Kapoeta for the night) Nov 4-8 Viewing the migration. Nov 9 & 10 Drive to Juba, , spend the 1st night at Kapoeta and then spend the 2nd n ...

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Toposa villages safari south sudan>4 days

south sudan village safaris, , ,

TOPOSA VILLAGES - 4 day safari By driving 7 hours east of Juba to the town of Kapoeta, the villages of the Toposa people start to appear. At Kapoeta there is a small, new lodge called Kuleu which we base out of, returning to sleep at each night. See the map on our home page to locate Kapoeta. The Toposa still adhere to their traditional clothing, housing, and language. The Toposa rely on cattle, sheep, camels, donkeys and goats, using the milk, blood, meat and leather. The women are the farm ...

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Mundari Villages Photo safari>South Sudan Mundari Tour>7days

mundari villages safari south sudan, , ,

Mundari Villages-Photo Expedition 7 Day Two special dates are offered in January to photograph the Mundari People around the village of Terakeka on the west bank of the Nile River, north of Juba. Limited to 8 people per tour group. The Mundari people have adhered to their tribal customs, manner of dress (or lack of), cattle culture and language due to their isolation. They plant sorghum, corn and peanuts. The Mundari exist on both sides of the Nile River, north of Juba, however those on the ...

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Juba South Sudan city tour>Juba tours

juba city tours south sudan, , ,

JUBA CITY TOUR - 3 Day, 2 Nights Many people want to visit the new nation of South Sudan, but have little time. This is a quick taste of Juba tour for corporate executives visiting south sudan or those on assignment in south sudan but without much time to visit the dinka villages, boma national park or nimule national park. . DAY 1- Fly into Juba, meet and pick up at the airport and driven to the Rainbow Hotel. Ethiopian Dinner at the Rainbow hotel, the first meal. DAY 2 - Breakfast. Tour ...

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Nimule National Park Safaris South Sudan> safari tour to Nimule Park

Nimule safaris south sudan, , ,

Nimule National Park - 1, 4 & 6 day safaris On the border with Uganda is Nimule National Park. The Nile River cuts along the eastern border of the park for 48 kilometers. The road from Uganda to Juba cuts along the eastern border of the park next to the Nile. The park has 41,000 hectares or 101,270 acres and was originally created to protect the White Rhino, which is now extinct. The park is the most accessible of South Sudan's parks. A 3 hour drive from Juba, on a newly reconstructed road, m ...

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Day 1 Pickup at the Juba Intl Airport with arrival of your morning flight (you need to be on a flight arriving before noon) and taken to the boat moored on the banks of the Nile. Once all clients are aboard, then the boat starts traveling north out of Juba. Reach the area of Bor by night fall. Day 2 Explore the Sudd, Birding, visiting villages and fishing. Day 3 Explore the Sudd, Birding, visiting villages and Fishing. Day 4 Depending on the River Current, sometime today start cruising back s ...

Telephone+256.392.897.704, +44.790.863.9450
Best of South Sudan Safari>Boma Safari>24 days

Nimule Safari>Boma Safari, , ,

This safari takes you to the best that South Sudan has to offer. We explore Boma National Park to witness the great migration, Nimule National Park, the Bor/Dinka tribes,Terekeka/Mundari villages,Imatong Mountains. We also cross over to Kidepo National Park the off-beaten tracks of Uganda for exciting game drives with plenty of game and wildlife. We finally top it off with a tour of Juba City before we head home with once in a lifetime memories of this newest nation of the world. Safari to Sout ...

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13 days South Sudan Safari>Bandingalo Migration Safari South Sudan

Bandingalo safari south sudan, , ,

During the wet season April, May, June, July, August, September and October the game herds are migrating into Bandingalo National Park from the Boma National Park South Sudan. The white-eared kob antelope, Tiang antelope, Mongalla gazelle and Elephants all migrate to Badangilo National Park.The animals converge into Badangilo during the European and North America Summer vacation time, making it an excellent safari holiday time to see this wildlife spectacle in South Sudan, Africa's newest Nati ...

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