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The Nile:-
South Sudan is one of the countries that the Nile has traversed through on its longest Journey to Mediterranean Sea. This has let to the formation of beautiful River Nile
vegetation and Islands. The Nile offers opportunities for certain Tourism related activities such as sport fishing, Bird Watching, cruise Launch and white water rafting.

- Birds:-
South Sudan also offers variety of Bird life. Some of which are endemic, the existence of the Bird has been favored by the presence of wetlands in the sudd region. Some of which are endemic, the existence of Birds has been favored by the presence of wetlandsin the sudd region. Such birds include, the great white pelican, the black crowned crane, the white Tam and shoe bill stock. 

- Vegetation:-
The vegetation of South Sudan is very beautiful with numerous rainforest along DrCongo & Sudan borders, savanna vegetation in most part of the country, mountain, montane forest around Imotong mountain, Acholi mountains and huge wetland system the (Sudd ) and its flood plains such beautiful vegetation provide opportunities for eco-tourism development. 

- Sceneries:-
Southern Sudan is a destination of beautiful sceneries, with several mountain ranges, caves, water falls, wetlands, rivers and natural vegetation. On what ever trip you take, in
which ever direction there you find wonderful sceneries.
The Fulla RapidsThe most important ones are:-
• The Imatong Mountains, which is made up of several plateaus with Kinyeti
being the highest about 3.181 meters.
• The Didinga hills in eastern equatoria
• The Fulla Rapids
• The sudd region, the biggest wetland in the world.
• The montane forest.
• The Tropical rain forest a long Sudan- DR.Congo border.
• The Nile with its beautiful riverine vegetation.

- Hot Spring:-
Hot spring also exist in south Sudan, they are widely spread in most parts of South Sudan. The most famous one is Liyu in central equatorial state. Other hot water spring are also found at Latuke, Kajo Keji and lobonok.

- Historical Sites:-
The historical events that have occurred in South Sudan left a lot of attractions for Southern part of this country; some of these events are connected with the colonial rule.

While others are linked up with the struggle of people of Southern Sudanbeginning from 1955-2005. Those historical sites are inform of previous British garrison, the execution and burial sites, old missionary centers, explorers trails, slave trade market, monuments
The best known historic sites are:-
• Torit: 
The town where the first struggle of the people of Southern Sudanstarted in 1955 led by a group of Southern military officers in 1955
• Himodonge:
The burial site of 1955 Torit rebellion martyrs about 6kms south east Torit Town.
• The famous Tamarind Tree:
Was the resting point of Sir, Samuel Baker at Nimule when he was exploring the source of the Nile in 1869.
• Diem Zubair:
Was the biggest slave trade market centre.
• The mausoleum of late Dr. John Garang in Juba:
The site which any dignitary visiting Juba should visit.
• Commando:
• Was the farmer command post of commander in chief of SPLA late Lt.General Dr. John Garang De-mabior during operation jungle storm around Aswa River in mid nine tees (1990’s).
• King George’s House:The house of the former British king during the Second World War.
• The mausoleum of late Rev. (father) Saturnino Ohure:
The great catholic priest who deserve not only the title but a martyr, a hero and revolutionary. He has played a very great role in supporting the struggle of the
people of Southern Sudan. He was killed in Uganda. Although he died but his name today remains and will be remembered all time particularly at difficult moment.
• Liye:
A small stream in eastern Mundri county, western equatorial state which came to exist as a result of volcanic as a result a complete clan that was living around the area all got perish.
• Budwee Tomb:
The tomb of the Zande king who resisted the colonial rule. He was buried in Yambio with a number of beautiful ladies.

- Climate:-
Most parts of Southern Sudan enjoy fine and mild weather which actually form most attraction sites such as:-
• The Imatong Mountains.
• Nakishut.
• Isoke.
• Kajo keji.
• Aloma plateau.

There are many ethnics group living in South Sudan. Each group has its unique traditional and cultural practices. There are also a number of kingdoms e.g. The Shilluk, the Zande etc. Among these kingdoms, traditional, cultural set up are some of the most elaborate establishment and shrine some of the shrine are the Budwee tumb, ngun Deng shrine etc. Visitors with an interest in observing or learn the cultures will find much to
fascinate them in different ethnic groups living in different states.

The key cultural heritage sites are:
• Fashoda :
The seat of the Shilluk kingdom 
• Loronyo:
The seat of the Latuka community of Imatong. With several youth camps where the youth gather to discuss issues affecting the community. Besides, the rain maker is found there.
• The Zande kingdom in Yambio
• And many others.Murle Community in Boma

Town life:-
Beside the rural life, town life also exists. Visitors who need sophisticated pleasure of shopping, good Sudanese food and a high out, they will definitely get. There are also
beautiful article made from wood, skins and other materials. They will also enjoy Sudanese local wines, bear and night club, dancing or visit to the theatre. 

Is the capital of Southern Sudan and it is the largest city and provide the biggest market, with several hotels, lodges and colorful parks, local sight seeing include, the recreational
park, the riverine vegetation a long the Nile and other important historical sites. 

To book a tour to South Sudan email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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