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The butterfly in the heart of Africa.-probably the real africa-zambia

Land of the legendary African walking safari,  home of the Victoria Falls,  the wild Zambezi River, breath-taking lakes and wetlands, a profusion of birds, abundant wildlife, and raw, pulsating wilderness, .......all in one friendly country.

Acknowledged as one of the safest countries in the world to visit, Zambia's welcoming people live in peace and harmony.

The Wildlife is superb and some of the finest Safaris on the planet are available from our fine lodges and safaris and tours section. 

Blessed with 17 magnificent waterfalls apart from the spectacular Victoria Falls, Zambia offers tours to 'cascade followers'  into the remote undeveloped rural areas where you can get a glimpse of village life. Zambia has the largest water resources in the whole of southern Africa with 5 massive lakes and plentiful rivers offering excellent fishing..

A wide range of hi-action activities from the legendary Walking Safari deep in the wilderness, to world class River Rafting, Bungi into the deep gorge below the Victoria Falls, Abseiling, Canoeing Safaris down the Zambezi, River Surfing, excellent Tiger Fishing and breath-taking African sunsets.


Not to be missed are the spectacular views of the magnificent Victoria Falls, and then add on a safari. Zambia has some of the best Game Reserves in the world. Choose from a variety of Wildlife Safaris to enjoy Zambia's astounding and diverse concentration of wild animals and birds.

Try the Adventure section for high action adrenaline thrills and off-the-beaten track adventures: rafting, kayaking, canoeing trails, 4x4 routes, houseboating, horseback trails, scuba diving, bungi jumping, microlighting and some of Africa's best fishing spots - with all the contact details.

Zambia has an incredible natural heritage with many unique species found only here. The Wildlife section reveals all.  Bird lovers, will find plenty of birds to see in Zambia, there's over 740 species.

 source:zambia tourism board

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north luangwa national park

north luangwa national park This remote tract of land covering 4636 square kilometres offers one of the finest wilderness experiences in Zambia, if not Africa itself. It is not open to the public and there are no permanent lodges there. Access is with one of the few safari operators granted permission to conduct walking safaris there. The beauty of visiting this park is the truly remarkable opportunities to experience Africa as it was. It is wild and untouched and you are simply an unobtr ...

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