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Candle Light Beach Dinner US$80, per couple
Treat yourselves to a private Romantic Dinner on the beach, with your own personal chef and waiting staff. With a feast of fresh seafood and meat delights, enjoy a peaceful setting under the stars.

Please enquire at our Front Office for further details.

Hair and Henna Complimentary
A traditional ceremonial custom for brides on their wedding day is to decorate their hands and feet with beautiful henna designs. Also they braid there hair into unique styles. If you would like to experience the traditional Swahili henna, hand or feet decorations please enquire at our Front Office.

Spice and City Tour US$100 per person (min 2 guests)
The capital of Pemba, Chake Chake, is an interesting and very lively little town and the heart of trading for the local inhabitants. Your tour will start from our jetty, with a short boat around to the port of Mkoani, where you will be collected by one of our friendly local guides and driven along the picturesque road to Chake Chake. Here you will have the chance to walk around the busy streets full of traders, local medicine shops & fruit and spice markets. You might have a chance to try a traditional local drink made from pure sugar cane at one of the side street stools. At the end of the tour you will visit the Pemba museum.

Village Treks Complimentary
There are 3 very traditional local villages in comfortable walking distance from the resort, Kwa-a-zani, Kutukuu & Kunguni, the total population of these villages is around 1000. One of our Staff will guide you around these charming little villages showing you the unique clay built houses, banana & cassava plantations as well as many local fruits and vegetables that are farmed in the families’ gardens.
You may be lucky to find a unique, Touch Me Not, plant that grows wild on Pemba, known in the local tongue as ‘Usimguse’, these timid little plants close up if touched and then when left will slowly open back up.

Jambangome Ruins & River Safari US$20 per person (min 2 guests)
Deep inside the Fundu Lagoon Bay, lies a long
flourishing Mangrove river & the Jambangome
Ruins. Cruise in at high tide on one of our boats
and take a short walk through the local village
and their agricultural areas to find the Ruins.
Jambangome was one of the first settlements
of Pemba Island but is now being reclaimed by
the surrounding jungle. Head back to camp by
Kayaking along the winding Mangrove River.
Please note: Tide Dependant

Fundu Lagoon’s Water Sports Centre

Dive 710, our fully equipped, PADI 5 Star, Dive Centre is managed by our friendly & very experienced PADI Dive Instructors, Filbert, Sebastien and Marlene.

If you are interested in taking part in any of our water sport activities ie, snorkeling tours, scuba diving, sailing & fishing, please feel free to pop down to the Dive Centre to find out more information.

Pemba’s tranquil surroundings have a unique underwater experience difficult to find anywhere else in the world, gifted with a remarkable variety of untouched snorkeling & dive sites rarely visited by any other boats, including beautiful reefs, deep walls & wrecks all being patrolled by an amazing density of marine life and breathtaking fields of corals.

Misali Island is part of a conservation area that was set up in 1998. A non-extraction zone encompasses the north and western fringing reefs, and only a limited number of seasonal fishermen are permitted to camp on the island, within designated areas. As a result of this protection the reefs are covered with incredibly pristine coral.

The waters around Misali contain more than twice the number of coral genera than are found elsewhere in Tanzania, often seen are beautiful gorgonian sea fans and giant sponges amongst fields of ancient cabbage corals. With over 300 species of fish, like barracuda, kingfish, wahoo, tuna and jacks patrolling the reefs, there is plenty to keep you busy with.

Humpback whales can sometimes also be seen and heard as they migrate north in August and early September

US$50 marine park fee per boat per day is levied towards the running of this conservation area.
Boat trips across to the island take approximately 30 minutes.

Please Bring Sunscreen, a Hat, Swimming Costume and Beach Shoes.
Towels & Refreshments will be supplied by the Resort.

All water sports are subject to weather conditions and boat availability

Cruises Available:-

Sunset Cruises Complimentary

This trip gives you the opportunity of a timeless experience sailing in a traditional dhow. Our experienced staff will crew the boat allowing you to relax with a glass of wine or cold beer and refreshments that are provided. As the sun sets over the waters beyond Fundu Lagoon, there are evening views of the Pemban coastline and Fundu Lagoon’s natural setting, all accompanied by the sounds of African drumming and singing. A truly memorable Pemban evening!

These popular cruises take place twice a week on Monday and Friday, please put your name down at the Dive Centre. We meet in the Jetty Bar at 17:00hours and returning at 18:30hours. They are weather dependent and can take a maximum of 16 guests.

Kayaking Complimentary

Try your hand at Kayaking around our local Mangrove forests next to our jetty. A peaceful start or end to an enjoyable day at Fundu.
For more information please see our staff in the Dive Centre.

Windsurfing Complimentary

Windsurfing can be enjoyed by everyone.
The new & advanced designs of the equipment with wide stable
boards to light weight sails and carbon masts, enable the complete
beginner to pick up the basics in next to no time,

High tide offers the most comfortable learning conditions,

Please ask at our water sport centre for further information.

Waterskiing / Wakeboarding / Kneeboarding US$75 per 30min, maximum two guests
Our Ski Boat, Changu, is fitted with the latest water-ski and wakeboarding equipment, If you like going fast and getting wet, waterskiing & wakeboarding are the sports for you. After that initial wobble, you will soon be up on your feet and flying along, crossing the wake, starting to pop your first jumps or easing yourself into a mono binding.

Waterskiing is weather dependant. Please check with our Water sports Staff.

Game Fishing & Scenic Island Cruise

The areas surrounding Fundu Lagoon are renowned for its superb fishing. Regular catches include spanish mackerel, wahoo, giant trevally, barracuda, yellowfin tuna, dorado and an occasional sailfish. Try your luck with our experienced cruise staff and hopefully bring back a catch for our chefs to cook for your dinner.

VUMBA - maximum 4 guests KARAMBIZI - maximum 2 guests
US$500 for a half day 4 - 5hour trip US$300 for a half day 4 - 5hour trip
US$800 for a full day 9 - 10hour trip US$550 for a full day 9 - 10hour trip

Fishing trips can be arranged for the early morning starting at 06:00hours, most fishing expeditions will have you back at the resort after approximately 4-5hours. Whilst you enjoy the peace of being out on our turquoise seas and taking in the island scenery along the coastline of Pemba, you may be lucky to have our resident dolphins join you for a playful meeting, you’ll also spot the local fisherman in their small “Ngarawa” fishing canoes, sailing around and fishing for their own dinner.
Please enquire at our Water Sport Centre for more information.

Dolphin Safaris US$30 per person, (inclusive of Marine Park Fees).

We are very lucky to have resident pods of Dolphins that live around the reefs of Misali Island and Fundu Lagoon.
Dolphin safaris run twice every week on Wednesday and Sunday, if you would like to join one of the trips to hopefully view our playful neighbours, please put your name down at the front office. Please Note: Our Dolphin Safari’s are weather dependent.

Calm sunny mornings provide the best conditions for observing dolphins, if this is the case, we will call by your tent at 07:00hours, to wake you up, for a start time at the Dive Centre at 07:30hours. If the conditions are not quite good enough for observing dolphins, we will cancel your wakeup call and let you carry on snoozing.
Our speed boat will depart at 07:30hours, with one of our boat captains as your guide. We return in time for breakfast at approximately 08h45.

Misali Snorkeling Tours US$25 per person, (inclusive of Marine Park Fees).

The coral reefs just off the main beach of Misali provide convenient and exciting snorkelling. For non-snorkelers, the beach has pleasant swimming, and there are also a few interesting trails through the island’s virgin forests and along the inter-tidal zone at low tide leading to caves and Turtle Beach, where Green and Hawksbill Sea Turtles nest. The Misali Island rangers offer guided tours of the island and are knowledgeable of the local flora and fauna, and history of Misali.
Twice a day we offer the chance to cruise around the corner to Misali Island, if you would like to venture out for a snorkel tour, or even if you would just like to take a picnic lunch and a good book to chill out with at the beach, please book in at our front office the day before.

If you wish to stay for the day at Misali Island, please place a lunch order with one of our waiters the evening before.

Our Morning Cruise heads over to Misali at 09:30hours and then returns to Fundu at 12:00noon
Our Afternoon Cruise heads over to Misali at 13:30hours and then returns to Fundu at 16:00hours

If you arrive at the Dive Centre about 15minutes prior to the start of the tour, our staff will assist you with fitting and collecting comfortable masks, snorkels and fins.
Swimming aids are available for novice snorkelers

Scuba Diving Experiences:-

Discover Scuba Diving (A Half Day Experience)
For beginners who would like to have a taste of diving, yet have no prior experience. This is a perfect opportunity whilst on holiday. This lesson includes a safety briefing and a shallow confined lesson on a few dive safety skills – and then a supervised dive on one of our beautiful reefs, with one of our Instructors. If you enjoy the experience you are able to participate in additional dives at other reefs, but always guided by one of our experienced Instructors.
Dive Fee : US$120, per person
Return Reef Dive : US$100, per person

PADI Scuba Diver Course All Course fees include materials
Let one of our instructors guide you through the first Diving Course offered by PADI, involving theory, confined water safety skills practice and 2 dives, which entitles you to dive for a life time to a maximum of 12m with a certified professional. The Scuba Diver Qualification can be upgraded to a full open water certification within 12 months. This course can be completed in 1 ½ days or tailored to your personal schedule
Course Fee : US$400, per person

PADI Open Water Diver Course
This is the PADI International Diving Certification Course. The Course includes theory instruction, “confined water” safety skill training and four “open water” dives. The course can be completed in a minimum of 3 days or tailor made to suit your personal timetable. On completion of this course you will be qualified to dive anywhere in the world with the PADI International Qualification.
Course Fee : US$650, per person

PADI Referral Course
Take all the theory and pool sessions at home and complete the open water dives here. Includes a skill circuit refresh for safety, and 4 open water dives. Certification included.
Course Fee : US$400, per person

PADI Adventure Course
The adventure diver contains 3 specialized dives. If your stay here at Fundu Lagoon is short then this is the perfect course to further your diving experience towards becoming a PADI Advanced Diver. All 3 dives can be completed in just one day. Choices include night dive, photography, naturalist and multi level.
Course Fee : US$400, per person

PADI Advanced Course
For the already certified diver who wishes to extend their diving skills and knowledge. The course includes five dives including a deep dive, navigation dive, night dive and a choice of 2 more exciting advanced dives. Course completion certifies you to dive to 30m.
Course Fee : US$500, per person

A compulsory marine park surcharge of US$10 is applied per person per day.
Dive Sites:-

Most of our dives are conducted on the west coast of Pemba Island.
The majority of the local reefs have wall and sloping profiles where you will find the pristine corals covering the reef through to the drop off to form almost vertical cliffs.
Visibility averages around 20 metres and can increase up to 60 meters.

The best time to dive is usually on an incoming tide. For that reason the dive schedule can change and we advise you to check with the Dive Centre each day.

There is usually a gentle current so most dives are conducted as drift dives where groups stay with our experienced guides who carry a surface marker.
The Dive Center is fully equipped with new and regularly serviced ScubaPro and Aqualung Equipment.

Misali Island Dives, US$75 per dive
Dives beyond Misali, US$15 per dive, extra supplement
6 Dive Package, US$395 per person
Additional Package Dives, US$66 per person

A compulsory marine park surcharge of US$10 is applied per person per day.

If you would like more information about Dive Sites, Resort Dives and Courses, our Instructors in the Dive Centre will be more than happy to help.
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