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The dolpins of Kizimkazi > Menai Bay Conservation Area

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The dolpins of Kizimkazi - Menai Bay Conservation Area
Menai Bay was gazetted in 1998 and is a conservation area with a sea-turtle breeding area, several coral reefs, an abundance of marine life and dense mangrove forests. It is also famous for its humpback and bottle-nose dolphins. The conservation area includes Fumba peninsula and several small islands. Parks & places

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Menai Bay is a community based conservation project and Kizimkazi fishing village falls within the conservation area. The main reason to visit the village is because this is the starting point where traditional boats make regular trips for snorkeling on the reefs, picnics on the islands and the star attraction of swimming with dolphins and whales.

You can meet both bottle-nose dolphins and humpback dolphins, but bottle-nose dolphins are most commonly sighted. These are well known for their playful and carefree nature while the humpback dolphins are more shy. The best time to go out is early morning when the water is calmer and the sun not as hot.
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