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Lake Kivu Rwanda

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Lake Kivu is a 2,650 sq. km. extraordinarily beautiful inland sea enclosed by steep, green terraced hills along eastern Rwanda. This large lake straddles the border between western Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The lake is surrounded by forested hills, with sandy bays and fishing villages

Three resort towns of Gisenyi, Kibuye and Cyangugu are located along its shores and are connected by a wild roller-coaster road that tumbles through lush plantain fields and relic patches of misty rainforest to offer sweeping views over the blue waters with the nearby Virunga volcanoes providing a spectacular backdrop. The road winds endlessly in a countless number of twists and turns and the common storm clouds lend a ruggedly romantic panorama to this region.

The towns of Gisenyi and Kibuye both contain quite reasonable colonial style hotels, the best of which is the Kibuye Guesthouse. Gisenyi, the most developed of these resorts is set on a sandy beach lined with swaying palms and colonial-era hotels that exude an atmosphere of tropical languor.

At Kibuye to the south, tourist activities are centered on a modern lakeshore guest house overlooking pine-covered hills. Kibuye is such a relaxed, pleasant town that it is enjoyable strolling along the lake shores, bird-watching or just watching life unfold. Other leisure activities include water skiing, wind surfing, boat trips and fishing.

Then comes Cyangugu town whose subdued tourist development is compensated by a stirring setting of curving inlets winding into narrow valleys and it's close proximity to Nyungwe forest where at least 25% of Africa's primates can be found among lots more natural wonders.

For travellers on a guided safari it may also be possible to include a motorboat trip down the lake between Kibuye and Cyangugu

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+256.392.897.704 +44.790.863.9450
Kibuye Guest House
Bethany Guest House
Moriah Hill Resort
Aden Rock Hotel
Recreational Facilities
Motorboat trip down the lake between Kibuye and Cyangugu.
Water skiing.
Wind surfing.
International Airports
Kanombe International Airport-Kigali
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