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11 Days, Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro, Lake Natron, Serengeti, Gombe Stream National Parks and Mwanza City Safari

Day 1: Arusha to Tarangire National Park
Hotel pick-up from Arusha. Drive approx. 2 hours to Tarangire National Park for a full day of game viewing (packed lunch included).
Covering an area of 2,850 square kilometres, Tarangire National Park is the sixth largest in Tanzania. During the dry season, thousands of thirsty animals wander hundreds of parched kilometres knowing that here, always, there is water.
Herds of up to 300 Elephants scratch the dry river bed for underground streams, while migratory Wildebeest, Zebra, Buffalo, Impala, Gazelle, Hartebeest and Eland Antelope crowd the shrinking lagoons. It's the greatest concentration of wildlife outside the Serengeti ecosystem, a smorgasbord for predators, and the one place in Tanzania where dry-country antelope such as the stately Fringe-eared Oryx and peculiar long-necked Gerenuk are regularly observed.
The park is famous for its huge number of Elephants, Tree-climbing Lions and Baobab Trees. Other common animals include Waterbucks, Giraffes and Olive Baboons.
Dinner and overnight at the accommodation of your choice.

Day 2: Tarangire National Park to Lake Manyara National Park
After breakfast, drive approx. 1-2 hours to Lake Manyara for a morning of sensational wildlife viewing.
Leopards, Lions, Elephants, Baboons, Blue Monkeys, Dik-dik, Gazelles, Hippos, Giraffes, Impalas, Bushbucks, Buffalos, Wildebeests, Zebras and more, inhabit Lake Manyara National Park.
The park is also home to more than 400 bird species and is known for the flamingos that inhabit the lake. During the wet season they populate the edges of the lake in flocks of thousands, however they are not so present during the dry season.
Continue your explorations of this beautiful park via another game drive after lunch.
Dinner and overnight at the accommodation of your choice.

Day 3: Ngorongoro Crater to full day.
After an early breakfast, descend into this extraordinary volcanic crater for a spectacular full day game drive (packed lunch included).
Had it not become the world's sixth-largest unbroken caldera, then what is now known as the Ngorongoro Crater could have been a towering volcanic mountain as high as Kilimanjaro.
The Crater is a large, unbroken, un-flooded volcanic caldera, formed when a giant volcano exploded and collapsed on itself some two to three million years ago. The Ngorongoro Crater sinks to a depth of 610 metres, with its floor covering 260 square kilometres; estimates of the height of the original volcano range from 4,500m to 5,800m.
Animal populations in the Crater include almost every individual species of wildlife in East Africa (with an estimated 25,000 animals within the Crater), including the "big five" of Rhinoceros, Lion, Leopard, Elephant, and Buffalo.
The Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA), measuring 8,300 square kilometres, is the only place on earth where mankind and wild animals co-exist in harmony. The NCA became a Man and Biosphere Reserve in 1971 and was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979.
Dinner and overnight at the accommodation of your choice.

Day 4: Lake Manyara National Park to Lake Natron
After breakfast,we will drive to Lake Natron. It is a tedious journey through rough and dusty road. The Scenery there is beautiful especially the Ngarasero escarpment, waterfalls, the gorge, Oldonyo Lengai (a still active volcano.) There are great panoramic views and the lake is teaming with flamingoes today you will do a lake tour, Water fall and visit the local around the lake.
Dinner and overnight at the accommodation of your choice.

Day 5: Lake Natron to Serengeti National Park
After breakfast drive to area of the Serengeti. Game viewing enroute.
Proceed to the magical plains of the Serengeti National Park for an evening game drive en-route to Serengeti National park from Lake Natron
Dinner and overnight at the accommodation of your choice.

Day 6 Serengeti National Park
It will be a day you’ll never forget, a breathtaking wildlife experience in arguably Africa’s greatest animal kingdom, the Serengeti National Park (full day game viewing including a ‘sunrise game drive’ with all meals included).
Imagine this.......
More than a million Wildebeest... each one driven by the same ancient rhythm, fulfilling its instinctive role in the inescapable cycle of life; a frenzied three-week bout of territorial conquests and mating; survival of the fittest as 40km long columns plunge through crocodile-infested waters on the annual exodus north; replenishing the species in a brief population explosion that produces more than 8,000 calves daily before the 1,000km pilgrimage begins again.
Tanzania's oldest and most popular national park, the Serengeti is famed for its annual migration, when some six million hooves pound the open plains, as more than 200,000 Zebra and 300,000 Thomson's Gazelle join the Wildebeest’s trek for fresh grazing. Yet even when the migration is quiet, the Serengeti offers arguably the most scintillating game-viewing in Africa, with great herds of Buffalo, smaller groups of Elephant and Giraffe, and thousands upon thousands of Eland, Topi, Impala and Grant’s Gazelle.
The spectacle of predator versus prey dominates Tanzania’s greatest park. Golden-maned Lion prides feast on the abundance of plain grazers. Solitary Leopards haunt the acacia trees lining the Seronera River, while a high density of Cheetahs prowl the south-eastern plains. Almost uniquely, all three African Jackal species occur here alongside the Spotted Hyena and a host of more elusive small predators, ranging from the insectivorous Aardwolf to the beautiful Serval Cat.
The liberating sense of space that characterises the Serengeti plains is breathtaking; stretching across sunburnt savannah to a shimmering golden horizon at the end of the earth. After the rains, this golden expanse of grass is transformed into an endless green carpet dotted with wildflowers.
Dinner and overnight at the accommodation of your choice.

Day 7: Serengeti National Park to Mwanza City
After breakfast, enjoy one last game drive throughout this glorious national park before proceeding to the Mwanza City via Ndabaka gate.
Dinner and overnight at the accommodation of your choice in Mwanza city.

Day 8: Mwanza City to Gombe stream National Park.
After breakfast, then you will proceed driving to Kigoma town then take a private boat to Gome Stream National Park via Lake Tanganyika where you will have a dinner and overnight at Gombe Stream Bandas.

Day 9: Gombe stream National Park full day.
After breakfast, then you will have a full day walking highlands forest in the park where you will be able to see Chimpanzee then after Dinner and overnight at the same accommodation. This accommodation is owned by Tanzania National Park.

Day 10: Gombe stream National Park to Mwanza City.
After breakfast, then you will take the same private Boat back to Kigoma town where you will start driving back to Mwanza city for Dinner and overnight at the accommodation of your choice.

Day 11: Mwanza City to Arusha City.
After breakfast, then you will explore Lake Victoria the proceed driving to Arusha City where you will arrive in the late evening for Dinner and overnight in the accommodation of your choice.
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