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Tarangire safari lodges. safari camps in Tarangire Tanzania. Luxury safari camps Tarangire.

Safari Lodges & Safari Camps in Tarangire National Park Tanzania

Safari and tour accommodation lodges and camps near the popular safari destination of Tarangire National Park Tanzania in the Northern Tanzania safari circuit. Choose from 5-star high-end safari lodges and luxury tour holiday camps to mid-range comfortable and budget friendly tour holiday camping accommodation options.


For self drive Tanzania tour safaris, there is plenty of options to choose from including budget camping options.We have listed here so many beautiful lodges and safari camps that one may find a problem zeroing in on an ideal option-be simply spoilt for choice-


Our dedicatedsafari holiday consultants will match your budget and taste to the most suitable safari lodge or safari tour camp option in the Tarangire National Park area of the much sought after safari destination of the Tanzania wild bush.


Let us choose the perfect safari camp or safari tour lodge in Tarangire  National Park for you as a lodging option for your memorable Tanzania safari holiday.


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chem chem lodge tarangire,tanzania

chem chem lodge tarangire,tanzania,safari lodges tarangire national park, camps tarangire national park, lodge accommodation, tarangire tanzania, vacation packages tarangire, holidays tarangire. A haven in the African wilderness, Chem Chem is truly a dream for travellers seeking a new experience in discovery, excellence and pleasure. ‘Come home to a place you have never been’ Chem Chem Tarangire The exclusive Chem Chem Tarangire lies between the immense savannas of Tarangire National Pa ...

Telephone+256.779.459.917 +44.790.863.9450
tarangire sopa lodge,tarangire tanzania

The Lodge:tarangire sopa lodge,tarangire tanzania Hidden among the kopjes, lies Tarangire Sopa Lodge, surrounded by ancient baobab trees. Tarangire national park is the home of the greatest concentration of elephants in Africa, and other game including the elusive leopard. Over 400 bird species can be spotted here as well. With water constantly available in the area, the greenery is lush providing a wonderful contrast to the burnt ground.. Location of tarangire sopa lodge,tarangire tanzania. ...

Telephone+256.392.897.704, +44.790.863.9450
Oliver's Camp>Tarangire>Tanzania

Tarangire self drive safaris Tanzania, Tarangire safari lodges Tanzania, safari accommodation Tarangire Tanzania, Tanzania holiday packages, holidays in Tarangire Tanzania, Oliver's Camp>Tarangire National Park>Tanzania. Deep in the wild south of the spectacular Tarangire National Park, Oliver’s Camp may well be the best kept secret for travelers seeking a real, intense bush experience. Famous for large elephant herds and baobab trees, Tarangire offers these and much more: lion, cheetah an ...

Telephone+256.392.897.704, +44.790.863.9450
Tarangire River Camp>Tarangire>Tanzania

Tarangire self drive safaris Tanzania, Tarangire safari lodges Tanzania, safari accommodation Tarangire Tanzania, Tanzania holiday packages, holidays in Tarangire Tanzania, Tarangire River Camp>Tarangire National Park>Tanzania. Tarangire River Camp, set within 25,000 hectares of concession area, is just 3.5 km from the main entrance to Tarangire National Park. Guests are accomodated in 20 luxury safari tents, which are en-suite with hot and cold running water. The tents are tastefully furnish ...

Telephone+256-779.459.917, +44.208.765.1058
Lemala Camp Tarangire>Tarangire Tanzania

Lemala Camp Tarangire>Tarangire Tanzania, tarangire self drive safaris, tarangire safaris tanzania, holidays tanzania tarangire, vacations in tarangire, safari camps tarangire>Lemala Camp Tarangire>Tarangire Tanzania LEMALA TARANGIRE Amongst the Gentle Giants A new stylish traditional seasonal camp offering an authentic and intimate safari experience, Lemala Tarangire has a wonderful location near the Kuro Ranger Post deep inside the stunning Tarangire National Park from Jun to Oct. The ...

Telephone+256.392.897.704, +44.790.863.9450
Tarangire Tamarind Camp>Tarangire Tanzania

Tamarind Camp is ideally situated for Tarangire NP and as a stop-off en route to Lake Manyara (and Kirurumu Tented Lodge), Ngorongoro, the Serengeti and Loliondo Concession: Inside Tarangire National Park One hours from the main road 2 hours from Arusha 1 hours from Makuyuni 2 hours from Lake Manyara National Park and Kirurumu Tented Lodge Tarangire Camp is a safari camp located in a private campsite just outside the Tarangire National Park but bordering the boundary in its own private ...

Telephone+256.392.897.704, +44.790.863.9450

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