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Special Campsites safari in Tanzania>Camping Safari tour Tanzania

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Special Campsites safari in Tanzania National Parks

Special campsite camping in Tanzania- Means a camping ground inside the national parks and game reserves without any kind of facilities such as running water, kitchen, toilet/washroom and all the usual amenities. The land is plain and nothing in there just an open area left for special camping.

Special campsites are located in many locations within Tanzania national parks and game reserves and they are located in the areas where there is no public campsite. Each park has at least a special camp where someone can camp and experience the un-spoilt Tanzania wild. Unlike public campsites, in special campsites only a limited number of people are allowed at the camping ground.

Habari Africa/Kili Special camping safari experience:
We offer our clients a very memorable safaris experience with the Tanzania special camping safari by arranging for them an awesome close to nature safari that follows the great wild migration. This can normally be done for individuals, photographers, researchers, journalists and reporters of the wishing to cover special events in the wild.

Facilities included in our special camping experience range from:-
Mobile washroom
Big sleeping tent with mattresses, comfortable twin bed and mattresses
A big Mess Tent for dining
Big Tent for the kitchen
Extra Truck carrying supplies and facilities for camping, camping crew, meals and cook/chef
100W Solar Lighting in the tents and charging facilities (220V)

Safety at the special camp is guaranteed since you are travelling with professional crews with more than ten years of experience in arranging such special camping trips. We will always keep an eye on you and ensure you receive special attention.We thoroughly brief you on what to expect and explain in great details the special camping safari experience.

We Also arrange air rescue services from First Air Responder to all our clients who travel with us for the special camping experience.

Selection of camping sites on safari in Serengeti and Ngorongoro Conservation area:
Our special campsite will always be located in the area where the great migration is during the period of travel.

November to February: This period of year is among one of the busiest periods of the year public campsites and lodges are always crowded.
We will camp around Moru Kopjes from mid november to end of December, as the migration moves towards the short grassplains. From January to end of February we will camp around Ndutu area or Naabi Hill Gate in Southern Serengeti/Ngorongoro Conservation area

March to May: During this period the big part of Wildbeest Migration will still be in southern Serengeti, so we will camp around Ndutu area, Naabi Hill gate and from Mid April to May we will move to shadows of moru Kopjes which is perfectly located in the area with a superb view of the migration as it moves towards west

June-Mid july: This is the best period for spotting the wild migration in the western corridor side of Serengeti National park as the migration moves through this area, a game drive along the Grumeti river is just amazing! The special camp will move into this area of the western Corridor in Serengeti near Grumeti

End of July - Sept: This period of year the migration will head towards north Serengeti to Maasai Mara. This is the great time to see them crossing Mara river towards Maasai Mara. There are several special campsites in northern Serengeti around Lobo area

NOTE: Booking in advance is needed to secure the camp
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