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Uganda Gorillas Update 18.10.09

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In the forest with gorilla 17th and 18th Oct 2009

1. Rushegura group
Eating the right food (diet) Kalembezi (sub adult) gorilla yesterday decided to engage in selective feeding. While trackers were with Rushegura gorilla family Kalembezi was consistently seen selectively feeding on a vine. This plant is locally known to be highly nutritive and curative to both humans and wild animals. However too much of anything is always bad, as Kalembezi continued with the search for this nutritive and curative plant food on a thin branch, he ended up dropping to the ground un planned as the branch became too weak to sustain his weight.

2. Kyaguriro research group
Friends indeed – today 18/10/09 in Kyaguriro gorilla family, Siato (adult female) held Mukiza by hand and relocated to another point. But at their new place, they engaged in friendly affairs of glooming, tickling and teasing each other with vegetation. This lasted for 6 minutes.

Manifestation of child care in Shongi gorilla family.
Kakono – one of the silverbacks in Shongi family yesterday 18/10/09 was seen resting under a gigantic tree during visitors’ 1 hr viewing time. B’se Kakono has a physical disability of the hand; he is not as agile as other gorillas. However, during his resting time, he invited 4 infants who climbed on his strong chest and continued playing with him. Also seen in his vicinity, were other gorillas seemingly paying attention to Kakono,s child care ability and love for babies.

3. Shongi gorilla family
Rotary Club of Uganda extends membership to the world’s most endangered apes (“the mountain gorillas”). As members of the rotary club of Uganda visited Shongi gorilla family on 17/10/09 for the first time, Bwindi and Uganda’s biggest gorilla family welcomed them with applause. Shidah (adult female with baby) remained very attentive and observant during viewing time. She seemed to have appreciated the work done by Rotarians. In turn as the Rotarians turned their backs to the family after 1 hr viewing time, Shidah together with her baby realized had not registered and followed them in request for membership. Without objection from the Rotarians Shidah & baby got permanent membership to the Rotary clubs of Uganda and agreed to be their ambassador to help coordinate the Rotarians understanding of the intricacy of jungle life.

To cement the relationship further, Rotarians requested Shidah to allow her baby be named “Rotary” and this was granted. After this business, Shidah sat down gazed at Rotarians three times as if sayings see you again and turned back.
4. Habinyanja gorilla group
On 17th/10/09, there was a family affair between Makara (leadsilverback) and Nyamuhango (adult female). After discussions, the duo were observed moving aside while admiring each other. later the copulation game ensued confirming Nyamuhango's request to increase the family that once had over 23 individuals.

Makara (Lead silver back) in Habinyanja in serious family affairs.
Makara just a day before was observed in copulation with Nyamuhango. But this was not yet enough to help him recover the more than 4 individuals he lost in his family this year 2009. In a bid to catch up with the demand today the same silverback was seen negotiating with Nyabukye (adult female). He immediately charged on realizing visitors were in observation to scare them off. However, this was a mere preparatory ploy to bring sanity in the home and make Nyabukye submit. In a couple of minutes makara started the game that lasted for 5 minutes. At the same time Kavuyo with his sturbon behavior, on a terrific speed came running and passed nearby the trackers who had visitors. This happened at the 47th minutes of the 1 hr official gorilla viewing time.

Going about weather changer in the wilderness.
On 18/10/09, Buhoma sector of BINP received a prolonged drizzling rain that crossed over the night to the day time. To Rushegura family, Mwirima (lead silverback) gave strict orders to all members not dare leave their nests until further notice. The family members adhered to instuctions but later got instant orders again from Mwirima to wake up quickly at 9:00 am when tourists approached the family for official 1 hour viewing. The family had before ignored trackers who reached them earlier at 6:55 am opting to continue sleeping. This family therefore prefered sleeping than feeding during the rain to avoid unnecessary quantities of water in their vegetarian diet that would easily cause stomach disorders.

Buzinza(adult female) in Rushegura family together with her baby climbed up a tree for feeding. while food got depleted from the tree she opted to descend down but 2 meters to the ground she scanned around and show urine on the ground suspected to be of another wild animal. Surprised and conscious of avoiding contracting diseases she climbed up again and descended from another tree vain. This was real world manifestation of maintaining hygienic health conditions in jungle life.
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