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Explore Western Uganda Safari, EWUS 16 Days>Uganda Private safari holiday

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This small group safari with lodge accommodation is designed for all those who are interested in seeing the key places of Uganda. It includes Wildlife, Birds, Gorillas and Wild Chimpanzees! An exclusive safari within a reasonable budget! Your safari will be extended with an additional trip of 4 days to Murchison Falls NP, the largest National Park in Uganda bisected by the River Nile! The extension is offered both with Lodge and Luxury Mobile Camping accommodation. An exceptional wildlife experience not to miss!

Day 1: Meet and greet at the Airport by your Safari guide. You will be transfered to your hotel in Entebbe. (D)

Day 2: Parks & places Kibale Forest National Park (KFNP) Activities Bird Watching After breakfast we drive to Fort Portal via Mubende. This is a long trip to Western Uganda with a break for a pic nic after Mubende. A stop is also foreseen at Fort Portal. After some shopping we will drive another hour to reach the Kibale area for an overnicht at Ndali Lodge. A visit to Uganda would not be complete without experiencing the stunning views and the special atmosphere of Ndali! (B-L-D).

Day 3: Parks & places Kibale Forest National Park (KFNP) Queen Elizabeth National Park Activities Chimpanzee Trekking After breakfast you leave for Kibale Forest NP renowned for the greatest variety and the highest concentration of primates in East-Africa. The visitors centre of Kanyanchu is 45 minutes away from Ndali lodge. At the visitors centre the rangers are ready to escort different groups of maximum 6 persons. They will brief you about your guided nature walk in the tropical forest in search of the wild chimpanzees. This is one of the great moments of your safari! The rangers are very knowledgeable and will answer all your questions about the forest and the chimps. Jane Goodall Institute has been assisting Uganda Wildlife Authority with the training of the rangers. A pic-nic lunch is foreseen at Kanyanchu before heading to Mweya QENP via Fort Portal. On your way to Mweya after leaving Fort Portal, you might have a good scenery of the Rwenzori Mountains. It's during the wet season that you will have the best chances to enjoy a clear view of the Rwenzories. On our way to Mweya you will pass Kasese town and stop at the equator for a traditional picture. You will entrer Queen Elizabeth NP at the Kabatoro gate and have a short game drive on our way to Mweya Lodge which lies on a peninsula. You will enjoy during three nights one of the best Lodges of Uganda! (B-L-D)

Day 4: Parks & places Queen Elizabeth National Park Activities Bird Watching Wildlife Viewing The best time for game-viewing is early in the morning! You will take the channel track which runs parallel with the Kazinga channel and we drive slowly towards the Katunguru gate. The channel track is particulrly rewarding with warthog, bushbuck, waterbuck and elephants. There are some chances in the morning hours to see the spotted hyena and leopard. We will cross the Mbarara-Kassese-Fort Portal road and drive to Kasenyi an area near to Lake George which is an interesting gameviewing area. The wetlands surrounding the lake are of international importance protected by the Ramsar Convention. You visit the Uganda kob Mating Ground which is a defined area specifically used by Uganda Kobs for challenging, enticing and mating. Adult rams defend a circle territory (30 meters diameter) and depending on the season the mating ground can have 20 and more of this small terrirories each defended by a male. Ewes enter the terrirories for mating and move freely between rams. Watch the spectacular fights as kobs defend their territories, look for lions as well because the high concentration of kobs attracts their predators. After the game drive we also visit the fishing village and the salt works at Kasenyi village near to Lake George. Both sites are part of Queen Elizaberh NP and local communities can develop some of their activities. It will be an opportunity for your guide to explain the conservation policies and the relationship with the local communities. (Fishing is an important activity among the local residents.) We continue our game drive and we take the Kasenyi track when returning to Mweya lodge for lunch. In the afternoon you will take the launch trip on the Kazinga channel which many consider as a highlight of the safari. The launch trip takes 2 hours. The Kazinga channel is a natural channel of 36 km long between Lake George and Lake Edward. The launch trip is the most popular activity at Mweya. From the safe boat you can see elephants, hippo, Nile crocodile and many water birds. The water birds are plentyful along the channel: African skimmers, African fish eagles, cormorants, saddle-billed storks, pelicans, etc. The Kazinga channel divides Queen Elizabteth in a northern (Mweya) and a southern part (Maramagambo, Kyambura, Ishasha). Landscapes will be different. The northern part is an euphorbia savannah while the southern sector is a typical accacia savannah. After the launch trip you will enjoy from your lodge the splendid views of the channel. Alternatively your driver guide will take you for a late afternoon game drive! (B-L-D)

Day 5: Parks & places Queen Elizabeth National Park Activities Bird Watching Wildlife Viewing This is the second day of Queen Elizabeth northern sector exploration. After an early morning breakfast we take another track driving to the Kabatoro main gate and we take the Katwe road to visit the Uganda kob mating ground again. In the raining season the area around Lake George is also a very rewarding area to see some birds and to have a nice view on the Rwenzories. After our morning game we will drive to Katunguru and cross the Kazinga channel to visit Maramagambo Forest which lies on the southern part of Queen Elizabeth. Time for a guided nature walk into the forest. A ranger will take you to the bats cave to observe the fruit bats and the rock pythons. On the way back you will pass by the Blue Lake which is the smallest lake of the area. After the guided nature walk we drive back to the lodge along the Channel track for another game drive. Lunch at the Lodge and in the afternoon you can enjoy the swimming pool of the lodge and have a late afternoon game drive. There are different circuits available and this is also an excellent time to try out some other tracks for game viewing. Sometimes visitors can see the Giant forest hog. Mweya offers probably the best chances of East Africa to see them because an English scientist habituated them years ago. (B-L-D)

Day 6: Parks & places Kyambura - (QENP) Queen Elizabeth National Park Activities Bird Watching Chimpanzee Trekking Wildlife Viewing Early wake up because we need to drive to Kyambura WR, a one hour drive from Mweya. You will take the Channel track trying the last chance to see leopard. Kyambura lies in the southern sector of the park and we take the main road to Mbarara and cross the Kazinga channel at Katunguru. The Kyambura River, about 16 km long, flows into Kazinga channel. On arrival, the rangers will lead us and we drive to the nearest point, where they (rangers) usually know the chimpanzeess are approximately located. The rangers will give you a briefing before descending into the depths of the gorge. The nature walk takes a few hours and lunch will be served at Kyambura fig tree campsite before heading to Ishasha. Ishasha is about 3 hours away from Kyambura and you will have a short game drive on your way to the camp. You will spend to night at Ishasha Wilderness Camp, the only fixed tented camp in this unspoilt remote southern sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park famous for it’s tree climbing lions. The first night at Ishasha is always the most impressive one for visitors. At night you might have a concert of black-and-white colobus monkeys, baboons, hyena, hippos and the roaring lions! (B-L-D)

Day 7: Parks & places Queen Elizabeth National Park Activities Bird Watching Wildlife Viewing You will explore Ishasha, the southern sector of Queen Elizabeth considered by some experts as one of the most aluring game viewing area of East Africa. It's an off-the-beaten-track destination that you will surely enjoy. We wake up early, of course, since this is the best time for observing nature. You start from the southern circuit in search of the elephants and we will drive over the plains of Ishasha in the open savannah. The southern circuit has usually large herds of buffalo, Uganda kob and topi. Near to the swamps of the southern circuit you might see even leopard. We continue and drive to the northern circuit which is the area near the main road known for its tree climbing lions. We look particularly at the many fig trees where lions like to stay. But we also visit the Uganda kob mating ground which is their prefered hunting area. After an initial scouting expedition, we return to the camp for a lunch, we relax, observe the hippos and we take time for a shower or siesta in the shadow of the woods. In the afternoon you will have another game drive and during the dry season we will drive you to the Edward's flats to see elephants, large herds of buffalo and different waterbids. Occasionaly we might find in this area the shoebill stork and by surprise some hunting lions. We return late in the afternoon to enjoy the last moments of the day on the Ntungwe river. After diner we sit around the campfire and enjoy the nature sounds of the woods. (B-L-D)

Day 8: Parks & places Gorilla Parks of Uganda (Bwindi & Mgahinga) Queen Elizabeth National Park Activities Bird Watching Wildlife Viewing This is your last game drive in Queen Elizabeth. If you have missed the lions the previous days it will be the last opportunity to try again. You will start again with the northern circuit and finish your game drive with the southern part. When returning from the morning game drive you will enjoy you last moment in the wilderness. After lunch we depart to Bwindi a journey that can take a max. of 2 hours. We shall have a stop over at Kihihi for refueling and some shopping at the local stores. The Muzungu (the white visitors) are an attraction for the children of the village! Bwindi is not far away and you will arrive at Buhoma in the afternoon. Bwindi has a unique rich and varied ecosystem and has lowland rainforest and afromontane forest. It's considered as one of the most unique and important forests of Africa. UNESCO declared it as a Natural World Heritage site for Humanity for his many values and because it is vital to the survival of many endangered species. Buhoma Homestead has recently been upgraded with very comfortable chalets built on wooden platforms overlooking Bwindi's rainforest. Time for cool drink and to enjoy the sight and sounds of the rainforest. (B-L-D)

Day 9: Parks & places Gorilla Parks of Uganda (Bwindi & Mgahinga) Activities Bird Watching Cultural Activities Gorilla Trekking Bwindi Impenetrable NP is a natural world heritage site. Hikers will love it, with the gorilla excursion as a high point of your safari! Gorilla trekking is unpredictable. It's difficult to foresee how many hours you will hike. The gorilla excursion can take from 2 up to 8 hours. Expect to walk along distance in steep and muddy conditions, sometimes with rain overhead, before you encounter any gorillas. A good physical condition is recommended. For conservation purposes, time spent with the gorillas is limited to one hour. A ranger will brief you on how to behave with the gorillas. Once you are back from trekking before 5 pm, you can be intertained by orphans of the Buhoma village, with their traditional Bakiga dances. For participants who want to contribute to the orphans, we advise them to bring some used clothes or school pensils/pens. Second overnight at Buhoma. (B-L-D)

Day 10: Parks & places Lake Mburo NP Activities Wildlife Viewing After breakfast, we depart for Lake Mburo via Kabale, meandering driving along the Kigezi mountains. Kigezi mountains is another unique scenery for you to view during your trip. We stop at Kabale for lunch before continuing to Lake Mburo via Marara. The arrival is foreseen in the afternoon just on time to have the boat excursion on the lake. For bird lovers this will be the best place to see the African finfoot in Uganda! Overnight at the newly and wonderful Mihingo Lodge. (B-L-D

Day 11: Parks & places Lake Mburo NP Activities Bird Watching Guided Nature Walks & Hikes. Wildlife Viewing After an early morning breakfast you will have a guided nature walk. A ranger guide takes you on foot to the bush. Lake Mburo is the only place in this part of Uganda where you can see zebra and Impala and it’s also the best place to see the African Eland, Africa’s largest antelope! You will arrive at Entebbe in the late afternoon. (B-L-D)

Day 12: Parks & places Murchison Falls National Park (MFNP) The Victoria River Nile Activities Bird Watching Guided Nature Walks & Hikes. Wildlife Viewing You will depart after breakfast for Murchison Falls NP, traveling via Masindi, Butiaba and Bulisa. Masindi is a small town which played once an important economic role during the colonial period. You will have a pic nic 40 km out of Masindi at the Busingiro Tourist site which is part of Budongo Forest Reserve not far from Butiaba. After lunch you will continue your trip to Butiaba (Lake Albert) where you can view the wreck of the Robert Corringdon Steam Ship, which was used to carry cargo and passengers from the Congo to Uganda. Palm lined sand covered roads, sandy beaches with canoes give a picturesque view, which has changed very little in the last century. We continue north to Bulisa, this is a fascinating ride with varied scenery all the way. You will explore the western escarpment of the Western Rift Valley (Albertine Rift) and Lake Albert. The northen Park entrance is not far from Bulisa. Depending on your safari option you will cross the Nile for an overnight at Paraa Safari Lodge or camp on the South bank on the top of the falls.(B-L-D

Day 13: Parks & places Murchison Falls National Park (MFNP) The Victoria River Nile Activities Bird Watching Guided Nature Walks & Hikes. Wildlife Viewing After an early morning breakfast, you will take the first ferry and cross the Nile for a full morning spectacular game viewing. The best area for game-viewing on the north bank is the peninsula between the Victoria and the Albert Niles. It's known for his abundant wildlife and has several tracks (Builigi track, Victoria track, Queen's trackand Albert Nile track). The Uganda kobs are common here, but also the oribi and the Jackson’s hartebeest. North to the Nile you have the typical Borassus palm savannah which hosts his beautiful Rothschild's giraffes, large herds of buffalo and elephants. The afternoon will be spent on an extensive exploration by boat on the Nile river, upstream towards the Falls. This is where the Nile explodes through a narrow gorge and cascades down to become a placid river whose banks you can admire its slopes. You will enjoy to see a big number of hippos, and the Nile crocodiles on small sudds and on the banks of the river. January and February are very rewarding months for Nile crocodiles adventure since this is the breading season. Bird watchers will appreciate the rich bird life. The Red-throated bee-eaters breeds in large colonies along the Nile during January up to March. If you would like to hike to the top of the Falls ask you Driver-guide to make some arrangements with the Park Authorties. The boat will leave on the shore of the Nile from where you can hike towards the Falls and climb to the top along the path. Spectacular sights. Overnight at Paraa Lodge or camping on the top of the Falls.(B-L-D)

Day 14: Parks & places Murchison Falls National Park (MFNP) The Victoria River Nile Activities Bird Watching Guided Nature Walks & Hikes. Wildlife Viewing After an early breakfast, we shall cross the Nile again for a second full morning game drive in the North bank. We explore a second time the circuits and focus once again on finding lions and leopard. The patas monkeys are also worth to look at as this is the only area where you have reasonable chances to see them. Depending on the wildlife you will see, we can extend our exploration to the Pakuba area near the Lodge ruins and drive towards the Tangi Gate known for the herds of elephants. We come back in the afternoon at the camp to take some time to explore the area around the top of the falls and descend the paths down to the river and enjoy the falls from another viewpoint. We take a look at the "Bats cliff" home to hundreds of fruit bats and when they emerge before nightfall they attract hawks and fish eagles. As an option you can also explore the delta and hire a private boat. The boat needs to be booked long in advance at least when booking your safari. The trip starts from Paara and brings you downstream to Lake Albert and lasts for 2 hours. The hippos are less used to the boat and react wild! This is an opportunity to see the shoebill and to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the delta. Overnight on the South bank at Nile Safari Lodga or camping on the top of the Falls.(B-L-D

Day 15: Parks & places Murchison Falls National Park (MFNP) The Victoria River Nile Activities Bird Watching Wildlife Viewing After breakfast, we you can take the last opportunity to explore the top of the falls. This time we will take the direct road to Masindi and have a pic nic en route. We schall arrive in the late afternoon in Kampala. (B-L-D) Day 16: Activities Cultural Activities A calm day with a flexible programme. A guided trip of Kampala city through the Owino market, Kasubi tombs, and doing some shopping as wel. (B-L-D
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